Does it look wrong??

  1. I have seen several people wearing capri and cropped jeans this winter. Its not really cold here, around 60 degrees. This looks weird to me even though I love the way ballet flats look with cropped pants. I think its b/c it is wintertime and in my head I have to wear boots and heavy sweaters. What do you guys think?? I am really wanting to wear my cropped jeans and animal print ballet flats to happy hour tonight but I need your opinions.

  2. Depends if they are just cropped pants or actual capris/ are they just a few inches above your ankle? or are they just below the knee? I think cropped pants with a sweater and flats would look cute but if your pants are mid-shin or knee length, it might look weird. Just my opinion...
  3. They are just above my ankle....Thanks for your help!!