Does sell authentic Chloe bags?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm pretty sure most of you are really familiar with the chloe collections. I'm really new to chloe. I've always love balenciaga and thought I should look for something for a change. I would really love to get a black or moka quilted bay bag (the one mischa has) but can't seem to find the right one anywhere.

    sell authentic chloe bags? Please help me!:s
  2. Hello - you can search through these forums to see if anyone has already posted about the topic you're interested in already. Use the "search this thread" function in the top right hand corner of the page.

    Your question about Diabro has been discussed at length, most recently, in this thread Diabro and Authenticity (re email from Chloe!)... As you will see, there are mixed reviews. Diabro has also been discussed in many of the other forums, so you could also do a search there to see what they've said.

    I've heard that a tPFer once actually received a fake bag from them, although I believe this was rectified.

    There's heaps of info on this forum so good luck! :tup:
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. The link was indeed an interesting read! OMG! Who would have known there is so many stories behind designer bags? :wtf: scary.

    Guess I would look somewhere else for the bag to be on the safe side. Anyone else have any idea on where i could get the moka or black quilted bay chloe online other then NAP or NM??
  4. I tried looking online for my moka and Diabro was the only place I could find one, and after I read the thread I didn't want to risk it. So I rang around the places in the UK that stock Chloe (the Chloe stores, Haarvery Nics and Selfridges and found one that did mail order.)

    Are there many stockists where you are? You could try ringing round. I know the London Chloe store had a few in stock, they do mail order, you could see if they would do international delviery? i have no idea if they would????
  5. Thanks Cat. I'll look around for it. :smile:

    Lucky you! enjoy that gorgeous bag of yours! :p
  6. Sorry, but questions regarding authenticity and that of websites are to be posted in the Authenticate this Chloe thread. Thank you!!!
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