Does Holt Renfrew Call you when a bag is in stock?

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  1. or should I be following up myself for a bag I currently want but is out of stock.
    They said they put me on a list and will call me when it arrives, but not sure I beleive them
    anyone have any experiences with them?
  2. Yes, I have received calls from my SA. I think that if you have a good relationship with your SA, then she will call once the item becomes available. Maybe pop in for a chat to keep your name at the top of the list.
  3. I dont have a SA, I left my name and number over the phone. I want a palermo PM , I hope they call me thou :sad:
  4. I don't think you need to worry. I'm sure that you will get the call.
  5. I've been called before but that was from Gucci. Haven't had experience with Holts LV but I think they would.
  6. I got calls many times from Yorkdale LV even after I failed to buy the item because I changed my mind, they still call me, so I am sure if they took your name down they will give you a call!
  7. I just got a call today from LV inside the bloor holt renfrew for one of the bags I been trying to get. Gonna go pick it up next week! So happy!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I tried to get on a waitlist at Yorkdale as well but was told that they don't do waitlist at that store :sad:
  8. which bag did you get a call for!??
  9. Hmm, interesting. Early this month I was looking into the Delightful PM and the NF Damier MM. Was told they would transfer the Delightful from the Bloor Store as they didn't have stock and put me on the waiting list for the NF. That same day I called to confirm something else and while on the phone was told they JUST got a NF so right there and then I did the charge/hold thing. Guess I was lucky? These were also my very first LV purchases! :yahoo:
  10. Yes, I believe they do call you. LV in Holts Calgary called me a couple days ago about the Delightful GM (I put my name down for that about 1 1/2 months ago). I bought it yesterday and now am going to exchange it with the MM if they have it in stock (I will call them tomorrow since I can only go down there on Saturday). They're saying that they can only put stuff on hold for 24 hours because of the shortage.
  11. At Yorkdale they told me that they will call if they get the bag in stock, but they would not put me on a waitlist, since they stopped doing it at Yordales store
  12. In the past they always called; but it's been a few years since I've been on the waitlist....
  13. The LV @ Holt Renfrew Bloor definitely calls you back if you're on a list. They also do holds for 24hrs!!! Neither the Bloor flagship or HR Yorkdale will do that due to the shortage! But the flagship and Yorkdale will put a bag aside for you if you call and pick up on the same day!
  14. The LV at Holt Renfrew on Bloor St is way better than Yorkdale. I find Yorkdale lack customer service big time. I do not find them helpful or friendly.
  15. Agreed! They're snooty over there!