Does Hermes refurbish vintage kelly

  1. i am in dilemna whether to buy vintage hermes bags --do they refurbish it???
    do the vintage bags also have the year number on their bags???I am interested in a vintage kelly ,hence this problem
  2. I once was shown a refurbished 25 year old Kelly at a boutique (to show how they can refurbish) - it was waiting for its owner - it was absolutely beautiful
  3. Hi there! I have a 48 year old bag and it's beautiful! I had it cleaned and checked recently.

    Go for vintage girl! The leather's fantastic!
  4. They totally do refurbish them ---- if they're authentic. I find vintage Kellys oftentimes tricky to authenticate, so be careful!
  5. ^ i totally agree. my SA has told me about beautiful 20-30 yr old bags... but just be sure it's the real deal.
  6. Vintage? Did someone say......vintage??????

    Oh Lordy.....vintage bags can be absolutely stunning!!!!!!!

    32cm Black Box Kelly with Gold - 32 years old
    32cm Toile/Black Box Kelly with Gold - 30 years old
    28cm Havanne Porosus Croc Kelly with Gold - late 50's

    _MG_3123V2.jpg Vintage.jpg
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    I am brand new to this forum. A friend of mine gave me two vintage hermes bags to sell on eBay. In no case I want to sell a faked bag. My friend bought each bag for $ 4000 (used )a few years ago. The black one looks exactly like yours ! ( picture MG 3123V2.jpg) . I am puzzled because I can not find a stamp with any letters on the back of the two front buckle straps. Also the zipper on the inside does not have an H but it says eclair. The quality of the lock and keys is not so great and it says 020 and no Hermes. Can you help me ? Is this bag a fake ? I hope not , it is georgeous and would make somebody very happy once it is refurbished.
    Thanks for your help. PS The other bag I can not find anywhere, can I send you a picture of it ?
    Picture of the black one is attached
  8. Welcome to tPF!! We have a special thread just for authenticating. Here is a link. You can write your question in that section. They will need more pictures, though, in order to give you an accurate answer.