Does Hermes have regular sales?

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  1. I lurk here sometimes but I don't own any Hermes, so this is my first REAL venture in here, I guess.

    I'm just wondering if Hermes has regular sales during the year. I don't mean like, a back rack full of sale items but one of those annual or bi-annual sales some other design houses have. And if so, when do they usually occur?

    There is an Hermes practically down the street from me in Toronto and I will also be passing by two Hermes in the airports (Vancouver and Beijing) at the end of April. Will anything be on sale? And if not....will the price at the Duty Free shops be the same as retail, just without sales tax (like price - 14% ontario tax)?

    TIA!! :yes:
  2. I've read previous posts where they do mention Hermes having sales, but I don't really know if they're held on specific dates. Do a search, I'm sure there was a thread about an Hermes sale in NYC! Hope this was of any help.
  3. I saw that H had Boxing Day Sale in Christmas..... but only for the seasonal stuff..... like scarves, clothes, shoes... etc :sad:

    correct me if I'm wrong....:p
  4. Bluefly has some Hermès merchandise on beach towels, a couple of bags, shoes, gloves etc...
  5. Twice a year Hermes has sales of ready-to-wear and selected gloves, scarves, shoes and other selected goods -- but very very rarely will there be any bags, except for at the NYC sale. You have to contact your local store for the dates.
  6. Thanks everyone. Does anyone know around which month these sales are? I'm mostly interested in accessories since I could not afford a bag!
  7. If you do a search in the shopping subforum there are a lot of threads about the H sales. The last one in NYC I found lots of stuff, excellent prices. No bags though except garden parties that I saw. Lots of ready to wear.