Does Gucci make the medium Princy in brown canvas w/brown leather?

  1. I checked the site and they only show it with cream. I love this bag but would prefer brown leather. Does anyone know if it was made this way & just not available anymore?
  2. I have this bag in Chocolate Guccissima leather. When I bought mine last year, they had it in black, chocolate and a navy fabric. I don't remember it in chocolate canvas.

    I have to say, I really love this bag. It's comfy to wear and the leather is TDF.

  3. Which princy? I know that they make the small princy hobo in brown canvas with brown leather trim, but it's not on the website.
  4. The medium tote. Style 163805. I see it in cream on their site but no other color choices? I should clarify that I am looking for it the beige/ebony fabric w/the dark brown leather trim.
  5. I have the medium princy tote in brown trim. I bought it from a gucci boutique tho, they dont have it online for some reason