Does gold foil of heat-stamped initials rub off

  1. over time?

    I'm seriously considering getting the inside of my Koala wallet heat stamped in gold, but DH was wondering if the color would eventually wear off, especially since I handle my wallet quite often.

    Any experiences?

    Also, does anyone have pics of wallets they've had heat stamped?

    TIA!!! :heart:
  2. i have had my stuf heat stamped in natural but i dint like it so i had it redone in gold! it ws a rushed decision that i have regretted! dont rush into this because it cannot be fixed!!! It is bout 6 months old with the gold initials and they havent started to peel at all, i am scared when they do as it cannot be redone and LV will take no resposibility if the ink runs (caussing a spill and a blotch of gold paint)
    it looks great once its done and if its a piece that will only be used for 10 years or less and if you do NOT want to resell it as it devalued the item by 100's of dollars, then again it devalues over time anyway!
  3. I get my tags from Lv stamped and they dont wear off on me.
  4. Thanks for letting me know about your heat-stamping experience. It sounds like the gold foil doesn't wear off. And naughtymanolo, I will think it over again before doing it, but I figure it'll be okay since I don't plan on selling my wallet (I hope :smile:

    Anyone else have gold stamping experience? Thanks!
  5. when i had my LV heat stamped the SA recommended me not to do it in any color because it will rub off with the time...
  6. well i only got my antigua earlier this month, so i haven't had it for any long period of time. but i use it a lot and the gold hasn't rubbed off the tag yet, but then again, i don't really handle the tag anyways.