Does FedEx Usually Find Lost Packages?

  1. My YSL Tribute bag was supposed to have been delivered to day from Bergdorf's. The FedEx website showed that it was left at my front door at 4:21 pm., but it wasn't b/c I was home and the truck never came.

    When I called FedEx Customer Service they said it could take up to three days to trace my package and they can't call me back b/c they have too many other inquiries. They said I should call them daily tp check on the status.

    Has anyone had this happen? Does it usually get resolved quickly? Do they really find the packages? As you can imagine I am freaking out!
  2. I had UPS lose a package once..It showed up ONE MONTH LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Uh Oh! That's not good!:push:
  4. wth... if the tracking info said it was left at your front door and it wasn't there... then perhaps it is stolen? If the package is undeliverable due to you not being home then it should say that on the tracking.
  5. You should call Bergdorfs and have them credit your account back while they deal with Fedex. That's what most reputable stores do. My experience with Fedex is that they don't really do much for you. It's the store that does. Good luck!
  6. I had this problem with UPS. I saw it said "delivered" online and yet there wasn't any package at my door. We later found all our packages outside the door to a condo unit that had the same number as ours in the next building. This was after we'd already had them put a trace on it. I've had so many problems with them ... delivering to the wrong location, not delivering the day they say they will deliver, not calling me back when they say they will and having the driver sign for the package with MY name and leaving a $500 package just sitting on my doorstep! I'm so fed up with them.

    Sorry to hear about your problems with Fed-Ex ... hope it all gets resolved. Is there another location he may have delivered to that he might have confused with your place?
  7. >>>My experience with Fedex is that they don't really do much for you.

    That's been my experience too. Years ago, when FedX had *really* good customer service, I worked for a business that had about a dozen computers "misdirected" by FedX. In other words they were delivered to the wrong addresses because they had been assigned to the wrong airbills. A huge mess. We spent about a week calling the businesses at the addresses on the misdirected airbills, phoning all their different departments ("You didn't happen to receive some strange computer from FedX, did you?") tracking down the lost computers and having them all shipped back to us. We found everything but it took time, lots and lots of phone calls, and FedX was unapologetic even though they admitted that they had screwed up big time.