Does Ed Hardy design/produce for TJ Maxx?

  1. Every time I walk into a TJ Maxx there is TONS of Ed Hardy merch. Today I went in and all the T shirts (not on clearance!) were $25. I got a rhinestoned one! It makes me wonder though, how come they are SO cheap now? I remember in seasons past the shirts were about $40 or $50 at TJ (for the crappy ones).

    So does Ed Hardy do shirts specifically for TJ?
  2. TJ Maxx gets like left overs from stores/companies, I believe.
  3. I don't think any company designs specifically for TJ Maxx, they just buy whatever leftovers the department stores have.
  4. Ed Hardy seems to be everywhere now - meaning Nordstrom Rack, NM last call, Marshall's, TJM.
  5. However, I know that Dillards RARELY discounts the Ed Hardy merch. it just seems odd. I am excited to get a $125 t for $25. I wouldn't have paid over $30 for it, but yay! =)
  6. I saw a bunch of shirts for 19.99 in Marshalls the other day. It seems like there is a looooot of leftover inventory with this brand. Takes a way the exclusivity if it is supposed to be a high end brand. Most teenagers can afford a $19.99 shirt.
  7. I am thinking that Ed Hardy is starting to lose the appeal it had 1-2 years ago, hence why it made it to TJ Maxx. My TJ always has t-shirts, trucker hats and belts by hardy.
  8. yeah, whatever you see more of at TJmaxx or discount stores from what was previously known as hot designers, it means they are not as hott anymore. that's why when you see people comment on new merchandise saying "yeah, give it a few months and you'll see it at marshalls", that means it's not going to have many buyers or the design was a flop. great question you ask because i'm pretty sure many people are wondering the same thing as you.
  9. When things are that cheap people will buy, especially when they are designer. I know people who jumped to TJ Maxx when they found alot of Juicy & Ed Hardy. Then they think they are so cool :rolleyes:especially where I live.
  10. In Vancouver I think Ed Hardy is losing a lot of its allure. Brands like Ed Hardy and Affliction are starting to be associated with gangs-in fact many clubs have banned the brand entirely in an effort to cut down on gang activity/violence that's been occurring in clubs recently. It's a little extreme, but I'm not going to complain about anything they try to do to help our safety. But I think since these events a lot of people have stopped wearing the brand because they can't wear it out clubbing, or people will now associate them with gangs just walking down the street.

    Probably a little OT, but I think (at least where I live anyways) this is part of the reason why the brand is losing a bit of popularity.
  11. the buzz about ed hardy has diminished, since they made so many extras, tj maxx bought them, they were $19.99 for about a day and a half..oh my god, everyone is wearing them.. but they were to over the top from the start. i saw madonna in one like 6 moths ago, and it looked just like everyone else.
  12. I agree with--I think Ed Hardy's popularity is diminishing big time. Last time I was in Costco, there was TONS of Ed Hardy Tees.
  13. I see Ed Hardy EVERYWHERE now - Costco, Marshall's/TJ Maxx. Even Baker's and DSW have Ed Hardy sneakers on sale. The market just seems oversaturated with the brand right now.
  14. Costco?!

    Ed Hardy is becoming too overrated for my taste.
  15. Really funny story-

    I was in marshalls, looking around at purses and stuff when see two girls (about my age) with their mom. The mom was holding a small ed hardy wristlet type thing, and a big "inspired" (i guess you could call it that) ed hardy look-a-like. I don't know the prices, but concidering the conversation, the big one was a lot less than the small one. Conversation:

    Girl 1 (the one that was going to get the purse) -I like them both
    Mom - They're both really similar
    Girl 1 - and the prices don't even compair that one (point to big one) is so much less
    Girl 2 (sister?) - and you could pull that one (points to big one) off as ed hardy; just tell everyone it is

    :wtf: I couldn't believe my ears! They wanted to prentend that some bag was ed hardy? Ed hardy isn't even that popular!! (well, in reality no. In teen world i guess you could say it is).

    I thought it was an interesting conversation