Does eBay Fuel Our Commitment Issues?

  1. I've bought and sold some bags on eBay in the past, and it seems like we sometimes buy stuff we kind of like or on impulse because, "I can always sell it on eBay."

    So, here's what I want to know:

    • Do you find yourself buying more stuff since you've started selling on eBay?
    • Have you really put pen to paper to figure out what all the buying/selling to buy new bags is actually costing?
    I know I've rationalized a few bags in the past because I really loved them but didn't think them through enough so I end up selling it as close to but not what I paid, so every new bag costs just a little more (even if that's a deal because it's all money changing hands).

    And what about the time and energy it takes to buy/sell on eBay? I know the process is simple overall but it takes time to list, take pics, answer buyer questions, ship, etc.

    Is it really worth it or would we be better off just holding back a little more to make sure we really love what we're buying?

    So, does heavy eBay buying/selling signal commitment issues? Do we love the chase more than the victory?:shrugs:
  2. Good topic! I will admit the chase is half of the game but I'm not big on selling bags on ebay right after I buy them. I've only done that once. As a general rule, I only sell on E-Bay when I want to buy something new-- you know, I sell an old bag to make way for the new one and help finance it. I think selling on ebay is kind of a pain in the butt, but that's 'cause I'm lazy.

    I think people should do as they see fit as far as holding back to make sure they love what they're buying. If you don't like it and don't carry it, then return it to the store-- otherwise, I think ebay is a good outlet. My generation especially is big on instant gratification, which can be very problematic for a young woman's budget! Luckily E-Bay is available, and there are enough people who don't live near a Coach boutique so sometimes we can recoup our mad spending.

    It's hypocritical of me to say, but I think that people in my generation SHOULD examine what they buy and not rely so heavily on instant gratification-- it sets you up for disappointment later in life, but that's just my .02, don't vilify me for it! :smile:
  3. you don't think that makes you a bit of a hypocrite because you recently said that you were heading towards financial trouble because of too many purses. you then had all of us telling you to save money and worry about retirement and a house, and now you're trying to dole out the same advice? huh?
  4. I think we all feel the push/pull of wanting something now and then having to deal with the ramifications later. Exercising patience is not highly celebrated in our culture, so it's normal that we often want things right away, but maybe not enough to enjoy it for long.

    For me, I've found that the eBay experience has really helped me take a step back before buying something. For example, now I think, "What is the possibility I'm going to end up selling this at a loss later." It has actually helped me wait some things out and be happier with what I have.

    I think we'll all struggle with this issue--not just with purses but any purchase--and I'd just like to explore the impact it has on our money, time, and energy.

    It can also give us insight into other areas of our lives. At least, that's what it has done for me.;)
  5. I definitely agree about being more quick to buy something (especially buying something on ebay) because I always say, well, if I hate it I can resell it.

    Ebay has changed the american culture, even if you have never used it, you know what it is, you know at least one person who uses/has used it. It has given people a whole new way to look at things, if they find something old that they loved, they can find it on ebay. My DH had a childhood memory of this little VW bug his mom got him from an avon catalog, and lo and behold, I found one on ebay, he freaked.

    Ebay has everything.
  6. Well if you'll read my post it does say "IT'S HYPOCRITICAL OF ME TO SAY."
  7. then why bother? but that's just my .02 cents
  8. I'm sorry, but I think you could find a nicer way of expressing "your two cents." I asked not to be vilified for what I said.
  9. Hi Ladies,

    I'd like to stay on topic here, and I'm really interested in what other people have to say about this idea.

    I think it's fair to say that we all have a gap at times between what we know we should do and what we actually do. Being aware of the difference is a big deal.

    Are there any other opinions out there on this one? Do you buy a bag at a boutique or on eBay more quickly now because you figure you can always sell it on eBay, and is it worth the effort?
  10. ^^
    i think razorbackbelle gave some good advice, although, as she admits, it is hard to follow. i know it is for me, but i do try.
    i find that by selling on ebay it allows me to take items home and discover if i really want/need them. i'm able to satisfy my urge to "gather", i.e. spend/buy, without suffering the financial consequences. however, i've always been one to only buy items that i know are a good deal. which sometimes turns out not to be such a good deal b/c i should have just bought what i really wanted to begin with.
    good topic:yes:
  11. Court, get off of razorback's A$$. Are you following her to each thread and being critical of her? And your 'my $.02' or 'just my opinion' is really just a way of acting innocent after being a complete witch. Get over yourself.
  12. I agree.

  13. Do we really need to go here again??
    Lets just have fun and celebrate the things we love - Coach!
  14. I think selling on eBay has 100% changed the way I look at buying things!! I think, "Oh, if I'm not going to use this... I'll just sell this!!" (Nevermind the fact, that I like to hold things back "just in case"...)

    Good topic, because I was just thinking about this today... Has eBay itself changed because of this?? What I mean is, I remember the days when I would post all kinds of "gently used" (still in good condition) clothing on there, and get what I could get out of it... Now, I feel like everything I list has to be NEW with tags or I'm in a losing battle??? Does this make sense??

    In fact!! I am guilty of this right now!! :shame: I have 2 handbags up right now, each one I HAD TO HAVE... couldn't LIVE WITHOUT them, and now I NEED to sell them for someone else that I HAVE TO HAVE!!! :sneaky: LOL... vicious cycle I guess.

    I still like both of these purses, but I am never going to use either of them, so my rational is just put em on eBay!! (And then, envitably I will end up buying something else - that will envitably end up on eBay!!)

    May I also say... that this "just throw it on eBay trend" has made me think twice about buying certain brands???? :wtf: I know - that's horrible... but I find myself shying away from certain "luxury" brands that don't hold their value. I know, I know!! You're supposed to buy things because you LIKE/LOVE them... not because of what resale is going to be... but I have actually started THINKING this way!!! (And consequented have started shying away from buying certain Coach & Marc Jacobs items... :sad: )

    Other thoughts? Opinions??
  15. Yeah no joke.. This is the 2nd time I've seen it in the last few days. =P

    ANYWAYS, in my case it definately fuels my commitment issues. I KNOW that I would only buy a third of what I normally do if I didn't have eBay to use later when I want a new bag or accessory. I would be much MUCH more careful and think my purchases out much longer before buying. Nowadays I buy something and the next week it's up on eBay because, meh, I want something else. And most of the time I'm losing money on it, but I still do it. It's weird. =P