Does coffee go RIGHT through you?

  1. Are you one of those people who can drink a 16-ouncer of coffee in the morning, and coast right through the day without a potty break until 2pm? I'M NOT!!! :nogood:

    Just two sips of coffee can send me running to the bathroom with a super-full bladder within 20 minutes. I'm told that this is weird, but my brother has the same problem. (maybe it's a genetic thing?) Two sips are bad enough, so imagine my poor bladder after an entire cup! Tell me I'm not the only one! :smile:
  2. me too..and my urine smells coffee too..I always wonder is it normal?:sad:
  3. Everything liquid goes right through me..
    I visit the bathroom like every 45 minutes.
    I have to restrain myself from drinking before I go see a movie.
  4. It happens to me to.
  5. I think caffeine is a diuretic? Not sure about thsi though.
  6. It is. :smile: But why is it that this diuretic has such dramatic effects on me, whereas other people can get away with drinking quarts of coffee and never need to bother with frequent potty runs? :confused1:
  7. When I first read the thread I thought of #2 not #1.:roflmfao:

    I was thinking that's um a quite personal um, issue.
    Ha ha, sorry!
  8. LMAO! I'm a total walnut bladder and have to pee all the time and yep coffee does it for me big time! I can't have a beverage at the movies for this very reason.
  9. YES !

    But everything goes right through me.. I don't think my bladder was really designed to store fluids so much as make me SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE !!
  10. Oh thank god someone else has that problem too because I thought I was the only weird one. I also stay away from asparagus because of the yucky smell when I pee!
  11. I can last probably 3 hours til I need to use the restroom.
  12. I don't drink coffee (it makes me crazy!) but no matter what I drink, I have to go to the bathroom at least once an hour. Tea is a diuretic so if I have it in the morning, I am usually taking bathroom breaks every 20 minutes!
  13. lol nope I could actualy stay without going to the bathroom for 8
  14. I have to go the bathroom within 1/2 an hour of drinking coffee. It's kind of tricky to go the bathroom because I'm a teacher and I can't leave the classroom whenever I feel like it. I try to drink no more than 8oz on mornings that I know I will be stuck in my classroom for the first few hours of the morning.

    Coffee is also my best friend when I am constipated. Works like a charm every time.
  15. Caffeinated beverages have diuresing properties (make you want to p) which is why caffeine is in alot of diet lost water weight that way. Not the best way for diet control.