Does buying an expensive makeup brush really make a difference?

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  1. :shrugs: I'm thinking of getting more into applying foundation and concealers and was wondering if buying an expensive makeup brush really important.

  2. i would say that in general, expensive makeup brushes are good quality and work well, but this doesn't mean that there aren't cheaper alternatives that are just as good if not better.

    for example i'm obsessed with the MAC 187 brush which is over $30--but Lumiere makes one for $20 or so that's supposed to be just as good.

    my favorite brushes i got for dirt cheap at a diane von furstenberg sample sale--they're soft, deposit color beautifully, and just overall amazing. i probably paid $5 per brush or less (although they retailed for a lot more).

    in addition, there are many drugstore brands that make really nice makeup brushes and that are raved over on beauty blogs.

    HTH! :flowers:
  3. not really but you want a brush that will apply the makeup on your face properly.

    some cheap makeup brushes (and I experienced this) do a great job, but the "hair" would be so harsh and rough on my skin. (ex, this $5 powder brush from CVS) but when I got a $22 powder brush from Sephora it was so soft and gentle on my skin and the makeup was evenly applied on my face.
  4. LOVE the 187!! However, for my eyes I bought brushes from the craft powder and blush are Sonia K for Target
  5. for foundation and concealers, makeup sponges are fantastic & many many top makeup artists use sponges over brushes

    i love expensive brushes for eyes
  6. With some brushes it makes a difference, but not with most of them IMO. What matters most is the texture and shape of the bristles. You can use paint brushes from the craft store, like Jenny said, or you can just look around for brushes that feel/ look nice and fit your budget. I never pay more than ~$20 per brush and all my brushes are excellent. I do have a couple higher end brushes, but they were either part of a set or I bought them on clearance...
  7. I make my own brushes out of Razorback hair. Hog hair bristles are the best!
  8. I also make my brushes. I save our cat hair and it really seems to take to my make up
    It is so smooth and silky, and I find that it does wonders on my face.
  9. My skin doesn't break out like it use to. Honestly, who would of thought that a lot of saved up cat hair could be used as a brush. Kid you not, it is the best I have ever come across.
  10. ^ :blah:

    Blech! That sounds so prickly! :wacko:

    Sable and pony hair are nice though...
  11. Cat hair brushes sound lovely...I'll have to try that. I wonder if my DH will be allergic to kissing me if I use a cat hair brush for makeup. I know he isn't allergic to Razorbacks, which is why I currently use Hog hair.
  12. Yes, you have to be very careful or you can lose an eye. That happened to my Aunt FiFi. We call her Auntie Cyclops now. :yes:
  13. Happy April Fool's Day everyone!!! Sorry for the hijack Charisma! :flowers:Just foolin' with our favorite ClaireBear. :love: Carry on!

    And don't try Hog's hair makeup brushes! :lol:
  14. Back to your regularly scheduled program:P
  15. LOOOOL that was entertaining :roflmfao:.

    Seriously cat hair? Hmm... wouldn't have even though of that hehe.

    What are most of the brushes made from anyway?

    What is the mac 187 brush used for?

    Ill look into sponges. I heard somewhere that the smaller the pores of the sponge the better they are supposed to be. Has anyone heard of that as well?

    Thanks by the way girls for the replies:flowers::flowers: I appreciate you all taking the time to reply.