Does Burberry go on sale?

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  1. Burberry does go on sale. You have to wait and watch for sales. have some bags on sale right now. Check it out. Also, burberry store have bags on sale too (usually Nov-Jan and June-July). If you find that bag cheap somewhere else, you can ask nordstrom to price match it (they just need to verify with the place that has the bag on sale). Burberry outlets have bags too but they don't ship.
  2. It's rare that a haymarket bag go on sale...but a lot of the other ones (e.g., the leather types) constantly do. I did score a haymarket wallet on the burberry site for half off though so it does happen. Good luck finding a good deal!
  3. when usually Burberry goes on sale?
  4. I would like to know too? Are their certain times such as in August?
  5. here in the netherlands we have a outlet center where there is a burberry store,they have all kinds of bags and accessories even those classic ones, I once got a check pattern scarf for 35 euros (about 50 dollar)
  6. I've seen haymarket at the outlets (Wrentham) before - is there one near you?
  7. Burberry bags & items do go on sale. Since I've always purchased my stuff at the boutiques in Boston I get many emails from them about sales or postcards. Sometimes they have preview sales before a boutique is open to the public.
  8. You can try Bloomingdales too... They always have good sales on Burberry.
  9. I have seen a few Haymarket items at the outlets...scour auction sites for deals? Just make sure you get them authenticated here first. The ladies at that forum are super helpful and nice.
  10. Thank you! I'll definitely be on the lookout..although burberry outlets are a bit of drive! :sad:
  11. hi... may i know when australia burberry outlet on sale because I'll be going for holiday on may.. wanna check out is there any sale that season? thank you
  12. Really? Where in the Netherlands? I am moving there in july.