Does Brittney have hair extensions, a wig or her real hair?

  1. [​IMG]

    Kind of looks like her own hair, but I know it wouldn’t have grown out so quick?:confused1:
    I want “quick grow” for my hair too!
  2. She has hair extensions at the moment but the dark roots are hers and hers alone.:roflmfao:
  3. Her extensions look terrible! I cannot believe she put them in when her hair was that short. An inch or 2 would have made a huge difference.
  4. extentions for sure.
  5. thanks - I'll pass on the extensions version of follicle grow quick.
  6. hmmm here is only about 3-4" long.. they're extensions.
  7. think the extensions damage her real hair?
  8. Wouldn't doubt it.
    And I've sure seen her in the water a lot with those lately, that's pretty damaging to those extensions.
  9. Yuck, those extension look awful! I cannot believe she goes out like that, yikes.
  10. Hmmm, am I the only one wondering why she, with all her money, doesn't go out and get a NICE wig! A really cute one, not platinum, not slutty, but a nice one! Wouldn't that be so much better, at least for a while longer??

    I mean, regular people wouldn't even go out like that..
  11. Shouldn't her hair be about 3 inches long by now? She might look really good in a cute disheveled pixie type cut instead of the floor mop thing she's got going.....maybe she doesn't have any mirrors....
  12. Since she is by the pool, I don't think it looks awful. But I do think her short hair could be really cute on her naturally :yes: