Does sell authentic Gucci?

Dec 12, 2006
I saw the 85th Anniversary Boston bag in brown GG fabric on their website that I'm DYING to have...are these authentic? If so, are they "factory store" quality or have flaws? Thanks!
Bluefly is authentic as far as they advertise, but there have been some bumps along the road. I would love to hear what others think about buying this bag from them
I recently purchased a bag from them (and am now going through the whole authetication process, comparing, etc.) and the bag seems to be authentic. Blurfly now also has a 'security tag' that they place on the bag so you can't return it once it's removed. I suppose that's one step in trying to deter the swapping routine? I've compared my new bag with all my old ones, and it looks good to me. HTH!
Yes. And they have TWO Amalfis this morning. The hazelnut like mine and the ivory color. :drool:

Someone needs to grab the Missedyou105 or Missedyou106 15% off codes and snap those babies up.
Just recently (last 6 months) purchased 2 bags from Bluefly --both authentic, one a Gucci Britt tote and the other a Chloe shopper. I did return a B-bag sometime ago, because it was during that big hoopla, and I wasn't 100% sure about it.....but I would buy from them again, in fact, I check their site everyday. There are some great deals, especially when you have a discount code.
About a month ago I purchased a Gucci Amalfi from Bluefly, it was the cognac color, I think. It arrived and it was authentic, as far as I could tell. But, it was damaged, had quite a few small scuffs on the bag and one big scratch, so I had to return it :sad:
I purchased a GUcii sukey bag from them, and I really think it is fake, a very good quality. A lot of details are wrong. I purchased the real one from a Gucci store, so I could compare. Deff fake!!!
which gucci sukey did you purchase? i purchased one and ended up selling it on ebay, it was a nightmare because the seller swore its fake and gave me negative feedback because of it. i would love to get my authenticated...