Does anyonehave a Jenny Yuen Murphy Tote?

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  1. If you have this style, I'd be interested to know the measurement of the handle drop and how comfortable it is to wear over the shoulder (and whether it fits over a winter coat). TIA.
  2. No, but I very much want one! I think the Murphy is underrated and IMO is the PERFECT work bag. Jenny Yuen adds some cutesy stuff like the heart/chain thing which is cool because you can leave it on for a little bit of edge to your look or take it off if you want to look professional/dressed up, but her handbag designs are clean, simple, classy and just ooze luxury! the leathers are top-notch, the designs are classic yet innovative, and the colors are wonderful! Jenny Yuen is my favorite designer after Rebecca Minkoff, they both offer beautifully crafted bags that are unique and gorgeous!

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