Does anyone wear their Paris Bombay ?

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  1. Sorry--started thread in shopping by mistake. Just wondering why nobody seems to mention this bag anymore. Where did they all go? Are they still in the stores?
  2. yes,actually the new medium sizes are also out...but it doesnt call my name..
  3. I really love this style--what's the price range? Is it the same as a kelly? If so, then I think I'd rather own the kelly. For me, it also doesn't look too practical (which is why I'm considering an evelyne).
  4. I love this style bag! It is gorgeous! can't wait to see the medium IRL!
    Should I close the other thread in the shopping forum then?
  5. Saw a PM in red last weekend in SF. It was gorgeous! :heart: I think they are around 3,000 something to 4,000???
  6. I do like this bag, but I have yet to hold one in my hand. I would love too.
  7. Jag, Yes, that was a mistake--meant to post it here. Sorry.
  8. A colleague of mine's husband bought her a large one in white Epson for Christmas. She NEVER carries it. I keep telling her it's gorgeous, but she insists it's too big for her and she feels self-conscious. Maybe people think they are just too long (???).
  9. I really looooved this bag when it first came out - then I tried the GM. Too big. Then I tried the PM. Too small. I waited for the medium-sized one to come out....then, unlike Goldilocks, I did not find it "just right", I just lost interest. I've seen several lately - PMs and the enormous travel size.

    Which, BTW, I really do like -- except that I would need a sherpa to go with it.
  10. Like the Lindy, there was a lot of buzz when this bag first came out. Why I still remember a gorgeous magazine ad for a small white one. You should still be able to find them in the stores, there's usually one or two on display whenever I drop by.
  11. Can someone tell me what colors the PB comes in and the price of the sizes?

    I saw the small one in blue jean for $3600 at NM a few weeks ago and loved it, but would love to know what other colors it comes in and the price of the medium size????
  12. Also saw the medium yesterday...nice...but did not sing to me...
  13. I think the boutique in Houston had them last week.
  14. After seeing the window display in Paris I'm on the hunt for one in a color. That was so inspiring--check the Paris thread.
  15. Me too Pampered1!!! I am falling in love with the PB, especially after seeing it in all of those fabulous colors!