Does Anyone wear false eyelashes??

  1. I have been dying to have long beautiful lashes. I use some great mascaras which help a lot but dont look like all the stars and their beautifulo eyelashes, which I assume is flase. Just curious if anyone has had any expericne with this?
  2. Mostly every day. I wear strip lashes by Ardell and sometimes, MAC. Takes me 5 more minutes to get together in the morning, but my eyeshadow is a bit more than the average person's. I look incomplete, IMO, without my falsies.
  3. Interesting. I just bought myself my first set of fake lashes... I'm scared to try to put them on lol. Do you still have to wear mascara? Do they make that much of a difference on their own? I'd love to try them, I'm just scared! Do they fall off easily?
  4. My sister in law can apply them perfectly!!! I love they way they look however, I fear i do not have such the steady hand. I am very interested in having them applyed!! They do look AWESOME!!
  5. I wear them when I go out at night. I don't wear mascara with mine I don't feel like it's needed. They are dramatic enough on their own, some people do use mascara though. They do not fall off easily. On New years I wore them. I danced ALL night long and my eyelashes were still intact. Don't be scared buy the cheap ones ( Ardell about $2.50 a pair) and practice practice practice.

    I can't do big nights out with out my lashes. They give me a sexy, exotic, glamorous look.
  6. I love wearing false lashes!
    I usually save them for going out on the town, because like wordpast, they can be a little bit dramatic (but you can get many different types - thick and bold, fine and delicate, etc.)
    Personally, I wear them with mascara. It makes them even more dramatic, darkens the colour and Ive found that the mascara acts as an extra 'glue' because when its applied, both your fake lashes and your real lashes are combed and stuck together.
    They dont fall off easily and are well worth a try! Patience and you'll get it!
  7. I do when I go out! We usually get ready together and I always have a friend put false eyelashes on me, she is the best at it! It never turns out right when I do it myself though. They really give your eyes the extra "oomph" factor and it looks sooo good in pictures.
  8. :smile: When I shared a flat with my bff, she wold always apply my lashes for me. It was heaven. Now that I am married, my hubby loves when I wear falsies when we go out, but do you think he would ever help me put them on? :smile: Out of necessity, I've become really good at it myself.

    I've tried false lashes that cost between $3.00 and $30.00, and I am perfectly pleased with the cheapy drugstore lashes (provided they are human hair). I wear mascara with mine, so I tend to just wear them once and then I toss.
  9. I love them too, but just couldn't get it right. I would get one eye right, the other eye wouldn't come out right. I know with practice, I will probably get the hang of it.
  10. I've been wearing Demis (Babies by Ardell) lately. I do wear mascara with them because my inner lashes can still be seen. I've gone without mascara with some of the fuller lashes, though. And, no, they do not fall off easily (as long as they're on in the first place), but you have to take them off at the end of the night. I'm surprised at how many ladies do not know this!
  11. I've put them on a couple of times for parties and it was a royal pain to get them on and I felt weird wearing them, like they were in the way.

    The spa I go to does semi-permanent false lashes and I saw a lady get them one day and they looked great. Maybe you could try that.
  12. Wow, now I want to try mine! Maybe tomorrow I'll have my mom apply them. I don't trust my sister to use any type of glue near my face, haha.
  13. I wear them for things like parties.. I already have abnormally long lashes as it is... but they're fun when you can get them on properly LOL I put mascara with them just for my lashes to blend in more with the false ones. They always make me feel so sexy, I love them!!!!
  14. The best way to get them on in my experience is by using a magnifying mirror (I have a 5X) under your chin. Look directly down into it. This will expose your lashline and you can see the placement area better. A lot of women swear by tweezers and attaching the middle first. It's easier for me to hold the lashes by the ends, using both my hands, place the ends down first and then push the middle into place. I do grab my tweezers to adjust the inner corner, though. You just have to practice and find your comfortable medium. It's a breeze after that.
  15. Sorry to the OP I keep asking questions and hijacking the thread, but for those of you who do wear false lashes, do you buy the ones that come in a full strip? Or the ones that are tiny, almost individual lashes? Which is easier/looks more natural? The ones I plan on trying are not the big strip of lashes but the little pieces.