Does anyone want a dk silver metallic wallet on a chain?

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  1. I posted pics of it yesterday in the reference library and then it hit me this morning - as much as I love it :heart::heart:, I haven't even worn it out yet, and I have a few (okay more than a few) bags coming in still. Oh and the other thing guilting me was meeting with my financial advisor this morning :wtf:

    The bag is dark silver metallic, costs $1340, and is really versatile. I posted tons of pics here: My new Dark Silver Metallic Wallet-on-Chain


    Please PM me if you're interested - I would love for my NM SA to keep the sale.
  2. you mean you'll return it and give someone the contact info for your SA, yes?
  3. yup, definitely Swanky! Sorry if I was ambiguous about that!
  4. Could you give me your SA's info, I might be interested.