Does anyone still use their Dior Gaucho Saddle bag?

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  1. I am still in love with mine it just seems so timeless because it has that western feel but yet is still chic.. do you still use yours and what colors do you have ?
  2. I carry mine all the time too. My bluey still my favourite bag!

    Here are mine:




    I would love to add an off-white one (double saddle)) to my collection... :girlsigh:

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  3. YES YES YES , on daily basis;) I have a white and burgundy totes.
  4. Absolutely, probably my favorite bag of all times!!!
    I have the large off-white tote, the medium black tote w/ matching make-up bag and the patent tote! I would love to have the off-white medium tote as well....
  5. I've been neglecting mine for a bit - but only because it wouldn't be fair to newer arrivals to stand around ... I do loooove my Gaucho (ponyhair) and I surf evilbay etc. all the time to check out beatiful Gauchos - some day I won't be able to resist anymore :graucho:
  6. Yes and I'll join the gang too... with my teal and the good patent burgundy gaucho bags. ;)


  7. i still use my gaucho but to be honnest i use my lady dior more than my dior gaucho now .
    i still in love with my gaucho though just that after wearing it for a while i like to change :smile:
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    I still use mine all the time as well! Evil patent Gaucho and LE off white Gaucho (which is being smothered by the other Gaucho but don't let it scare you off)! Come to think of it, did I ever reveal my LE off white Gaucho??? And how many patent Gaucho's do we have amongst us now?

  9. Patent Gaucho tally - FD Dior Mom, DA, RoboElsie, Necromancer & me! Is it FIVE? Or are we missing a few?:thinking:
  10. It took me a long time to find the black messenger Gaucho that I was looking for, and now that I finally have it, I am totally in love with it! I used it for the first time two weeks ago and it's absolutely perfect! I don't think I can ever part with it!
  11. ReRe has one too: SIX! :nuts:

  12. Uhm I have one too, but I'm a newbie, do I count too? ;)
  13. I love mine, and occasionally bring her out to play. the vintage look is always a plus, since it looks kinda worn, I am not too afraid to push it to it's full bag potential- but with a caution of course! OOO best of all, they are discontinued!!

    FD and pegasuscom - you two always take the best pictures! So jealous!
  14. jennifresh - Of course you count!!! Don't be silly. Everyone is welcome here new or old! So now we are up to SEVEN patent Gauchos!

    ThisVNchick - You are too sweet! BUT, FD Dior Mom is hands down the official photographer of the Dior forum! Her pics are some of the best on all of tPF!