Does anyone shop at strawberrynet?

  1. Yes, have shopped at strawberrynetwork several times. Very happy with them, and have had no probs whatsoever. Granted, it does take a week or so for delivery to arrieve - but I do save quite a lot of money
  2. I used to shop at and was always happy with my purchases, especially the discounted price. Lately, though, I noticed that the prices are higher in many cases than Sephora or dept. stores. Even with the discount, the prices are still above dept. store prices so I've stayed away.
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    Hi ladies!Here's the problem I had with : I have purchased an Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette and it turns out it was manufactured in 2003 and also one of the eyeshadows looked like it had been used.
    I contacted them about this, and the answer I recieved was : "Traditionally all cosmetics manufacturers when questioned give a very long life to all their products which is partly due to their widespread distribution throughout the world across a very large range of products." and "We suggest if any consumer wishes to discuss batch, control and packing date, they refer directly to the manufacturer concerned".
    After I agreed to return the palette I asked for a discount on my future order (this is what they used to do when they sent expired stuff ) and there is no reply from them.
    What should I do?Keep calling/emailing them?Return the palette?I have recieved before one expired product from them, but the lady from the customer service was incredibly nice and refunded me the cost of the item.Now I spoke with a Customer Service Representative by the name Dennis and he just doesn't seem to care about what I am writing, he just keeps sending me standard replies.

    Honestly, I have no idea when this company that had great customer service and products turned out to be a total scam.
    I don't think I will be purchasing from them again.
  4. I used to purchase from SN but lately I just think it's no longer worth it. I don't buy makeup in a such a volume as to make the savings worthwhile. Plus in Australia we now have Grays Outlet which sell most of I used to get from SN, and it ships from the exact same distribution warehouse here in NSW that SN use for most of their items.