Does anyone shop at strawberrynet?

  1. ^^^That's very normal these days. It ensures that you have the credit card in your hand. Lots of online shops will ask for that for your protection.
  2. I have ordered from strawberrynet 1 time. Very good, very fast, very serious.
    For the people living in France, it doesn´t worth the difference on french brands like Lancome, chanel, dior etc.... but for foreign brands it´s a lot cheaper !!!
    I ordered Dermalogica which is super $$$ in Denmark. And of course.....I had to pay 220 dkk (around 30$) in fees it got stopped by the customs.But it was STILL cheaper than in DK.-I think it´s because DK has some strict tax laws to stop the population from buying abroad since DK is one of the most expensive places in Europe,( maybe the world.....?)and very small country.
    But for countries like France where the customs have more important things to deal with than cosmetics, you won´t get taxed. (I heard from friends).
    It´s all good....
  3. yes me too. ordered some perfume from them. service was great.
  4. But they asked my security code in a mail. Is that normal?
  5. ive just order three things frm strawberrynet for the first time! hope everything's okay
  6. I know that there were several posts on on this site. But I am still wondering whether the site is legit. Is it selling authentic merchandises? Is there anyone who had a problem with its authenticity? I do not mean to offend anyone here but since it is located in Asia I am worried about this issue. As an Asian I have read enough of fake cosmetics sold on the internet in Asia. One of the horrifying story was of "SKII" sold on the site "Sasha (I am not sure of the spelling. It does sound like I spelled}" and SKII told the reporters that the "Sasha whatever" site is not an authorized dealer. I am wondering whether it applies to the "".

    Once again I do not intend to offend Asian. Being an Asian I just have came across a lot of fake merchandise whether they are Vuitton bags or Lancome cosmetics and I just want to be cautious.
  7. I haven't bought anything from that site personally but I've heard stories of them selling bad quality items (as in old, and almost expired).
  8. I just bought something from them off eBay (they have an eBay account too, as I distinctly recall the 'thank you for your purchase' note that came with the package mentioning and it was speedy delivered, nicely packaged and the item was brand new and just as described. I've never visited myself, just came across them on eBay, but based on my recent experience I would not hesitate to recommend them. I have another package from them on the way, I think, and it should arrive shortly. :flowers:
  9. i've purchased from them before, and they were great. free shipping and a cute new sample of eyeshadow from origins. not bad. i was a little iffy, but all in all, they were pretty good. i guess you should just be careful about skin creams and temporary stuff- that might be iffy, but i ordered from them and they were good.
  10. That's what I've heard about them in regard to fragrances.
  11. I ordered from them. They never charged my cc and they never sent me my perfume. I am a little scared. I don't recommend them!
  12. I ordered 2 Dermalogica products + 1 lancôme and I got a free givenchy nail polish (but rubbish).It went super smooth, took a short time, I could follow on their site my delivery status. The products were super fine and sealed.
    But I was charged by the customs, so I don't think I 'll order again ! ;)
  13. Since shipping is free, I had my products shipped separately to avoid custom fees ;)
  14. Great company! I have ordered more than 30 products from them and they pay all customs and duties, all you have to do is send them your customs bill and they will credit the amount to your CC. Products are absolutely genuine and VERY fresh!
  15. i've had good experiances with also.. have been ordering for a number of years and havent had a bad order yet!
    very speedy!