does anyone saw a carbon blue totally turnlock bowler b4??

  1. My friend has helped me to buy it already...but I tried so hard to find a picture of a carbon blue in the net...still no discovery...

    Cause I wont get it until DEC...can anyone post the picture up if they have??thanks a lot!!!

    By the way, I was thinking to buy a hobo in PLUM colour.


    What do you guys think??will it be too big and heavy??

    Picture from eluxury
  2. Big bags are in, and hobos are classic. I think it would be a great bag if that's what you like... I adore plum! Not exactly sure what the carbon blue looks like, but someone posted a photo of a blue turnlock tote. Maybe this the color?
  3. Megan, I saw both Carbon Blue and this hobo in real life. The hobo is just gigantic to me; I'll let other members comment on this hobo, I really dislike hobo (and messenger) for myself.

    If I remember correctly, Carbon Blue's not as dark as those shown in these pictures.
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags Totally Turnlock Teri (Carbon Blue) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags

  4. ooo~thanks a lot thithi and bag lover!!
    b4 i was also thinking/hoping(lol) the colour is not that dark~~
    thanks for your info and pictures~~
    i am still thinking about that hobo...maybe i will decide after i saw the real thing..then i can know it's too big for me or not..
  5. I just got a carbon blue teri, and the color is gorgeous. The only pic of the color that is close to the real thing is the one on Zappos. The pic on is nowhere near the actual color. It's a lovely blueberry shade, not at all cartooney aqua.

  6. Hi- I did try on the hobo at Saks a few weeks ago- it really caught my eye!! Anyway... It is BIG, but, it is a sling, so the sides become long. It is also not heavy at all! Good luck!
  7. So glad the blue is more blueberry color. Could you post picture Webec? Mine won't be here until end of next week. Can hardly wait!

    I ordered the MBMJ shopper during the Saks on-line sale, switching back and forth from the photos on Zappos & Saks. I figured if it was too cartoony, I'd return.
  8. I saw a carbon blue mini wham (soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and it's a gorgeous color!! it's really dark and rich, a very pretty color!

    As for the hobo, I don't like it. It's WAY too big!
  9. I purchased the carbon blue as well and did actually touch it in store at the local Saks. I do remember it being darker than the online saks pic, but not as dark as the zappos. Regardless, that color is so versatile, I can't wait!!! All of mine are coming on Tuesday! That is the best thing about Saks- no matter what, you can return your items!!
  10. I'll try and find a decent camera to use- I can't find my memory card :shrugs:. The color is definitely not as dark as Zappos (Who takes their pics, anyway? they have the Teri all slumped over and wilted looking. Weird.)

    You'll love it. Not cartooney at all- definitely a perfect color for fall and looks really cute with dark jeans! I think it's a unique color choice. I normally go for brown bags, but I feel like the blue is just as versatile.

    OH! Plus, I bought mine on Saks before the sale, and the day I received it, I checked their price online, and they'd reduced it to $299. :hysteric:

    I called and told them the leather had a stain and they gave me the sale price- which was of course true! I expect my bag to be in perfect condition if I'm spending 100's of $.

  11. Yeah! Good for you!!! I will also take pics when I receive mine on Tuesday. I know its a keeper- who can resist a deal like that!!!!!
  12. I usually do browns/tans too in accessories.

    So glad you got the sale price Rebecca! - I think they had sold out all of the MBMJ stuff within hours.