does anyone own the chanel executive?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm interested in buying the chanel executive (aka the Cerf) - A15206 for work and possibly weekend. Is it heavy? Thanks!!!
  2. The bag itself isn't heavy, since it has no chains. But, it can hold a ton of stuff and is a great bag for work. I usually don't use the snap-in insert. The shoulder strap is removable, so I keep it in the bag in case I need to use. It served me very well on a day trip to NY a few weeks ago. I had a book, a shawl, water, all my stuff and it got really heavy, but it has served me very well. It's a good work bag because it's a very "quiet" Chanel bag. Not flashy. Just right.
  3. I have it in white. I really like it! I don't think it is heavy at all. It has just taken me a little while to get used to a handheld/crook of you arm bag. It is cute and really simple which is great!
  4. I find it heavy after several hours of use. It's heavier than any of my other bags. I use mine with out the shoulder strap and interior pouch.
    That being said, it's elegant and a workhorse of a bag and holds a ton of stuff!
  5. I had to sell mine because it was too heavy for me.

    Such a shame though, because I really loved it :crybaby:
  6. i think its a lot lighter than the gst ...
    i love the cerf ~ its practical & pretty
  7. The cerf is perfect for what you want it for! It's very classic, and it does indeed hold a LOT! If you do happen to fill it up with several things, it will get heavy. I find with just a couple items it's alright but if I put too many things in it can get a little heavy. Although it does come with the extra strap to wear across your body so if you do need to fill it with a lot, that strap will make it easier to carry! Otherwise, the bag is excellent and you will be using it for years and years to come! :smile: I love mine!
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    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
    I wonder if you have the first season Cerf? It was originally made in deerskin and after customers complained to s/a's that it was too heavy, Chanel replaced the deerskin with a pebbled calfskin and kept the name Cerf.

    My dark brown Cerf from the Fall 07 season is very light in weight.
  9. I just bought a beige cerf off ebay. I'll let you know if it's heavy or not.. but I have tried them on in stores and it's not heavy at all. the Modern chain, on the other hand, is a very heavy Chanel bag!
  10. i have the cerf and love love love it..i only think its heavy if u stuff it with your whole world..but in the end..what wouldnt be?
  11. i had a look at the cerf today.. i dun think its heavy at all..just think about it this way..there are no metal chains on tat takes away lots of weight..and then again...if you stuff it with a 600ml bottle water...all bags will feel like tonnes on teh shoulder
  12. I'm thinking about this bag at the moment.

    Do all Cerfs have the shoulder strap? I understand it's detachable.