Does Anyone Own (or have an opinion about) The SOHO XL Flap bag??

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    Today I went out to the Coach Factory Store in Riverhead and I saw a camel colored Soho Leather XL Flap bag just sitting there by itself on a shelf. The bag originally retails for $698 and it was marked down to $159. I asked one of the SA if it was defective and she said no. She also told me it's not a final sale. I bought the bag but now I am wondering about it. LOL There is something I really like about this bag but it is very large. I believe the dimensions are 16x11x3. I guess that really shouldn't bother me since I love the large Carly so much. Does anyone own it and if so, what do you think about it? If you don't own it but have an opinion, please share! I will post a real photo when I get my camera back-it's at an anniversary party right now. Thanks. :winkiss:
  2. i dont own it but it immediately reminded me of the vintage coach that have a large/long flap. very nice btw!
  3. Can you take pics modeling it please? THanks!
  4. As soon as I get my camera back tomorrow I will post a picture. :yes:
  5. I won one on eBay. The one side was all smashed up & wrinkled. I got my money back. I do not know if it is supposed to wear like that but the bag I won was NWT and shouldn't have been smashed up yet.
  6. o man i am SO jealous!!!!!! i love it

    i have to get out there to the riverhead outlet ive heard such good things !!!
  7. $159? Wow... What a great deal for a gorgeous bag! Would also love too see modeling pictures. :smile:

  8. Bessie, you would have a blast out in Riverhead! It's a good size outlet with lots of places to comb through. It's a Tanger outlet so you can check them out online and get a complete list of stores out there. You can either drive or take the LIRR.

  9. UGH! I wouldn't want a wrinkled bag at any price. Thanks for the heads up-I will have to load up the bag and see how it reacts!
  10. LIblue.. Does the Riverhead outlet carry signature items? TIA!
  11. I haven't seen on IRL, but I liked it the moment I saw it. $159 is a great price for it too!! Can't wait to see pics.....
  12. Jadore, I didn't see ANY signature items out there unless you count the Scribble C's. Lots of leather, Hampton fabric bags, totes, I saw some black leather Daphne bags and black leather Mandy bags. Plenty of accessories too. I think it's worth a visit unless you ONLY like the signature patterns.
  13. I like both,but sometimes I prefer signature at times. They have the Daphne:wtf: ..I LOVED that bag!,I still bother my mother this day about her being stupid,and returning it:crybaby: . I am mostly a accesories girl,so thats cool!. Hmm school is ending soon,and I will have loads of spare time..I think its time to drag my bf with a couple of my friends to the outlets:supacool:
  14. I was watching this exact bag on eBay the other day. In fact, it ended 2 days ago!

    It went for only $204 !!! I was so upset that I couldnt get online in time!!
  15. I LOVE the bag you got and at such an amazing bargain!! I've had my eye on this but the hefty price tag has kept me from really adding it to my wishlist. I love the styling-like Cindy said it reminds me of vintage Coach with the big flap.

    It's a gorgeous bag, you should have no regrets!