Does anyone own (and use) a Lambskin flap?

  1. I want the dark grey lambskin flap with new chain...but I'm so worried about the alleged delicacy of the lambskin.

    I have the 2005 black reissue and I've used it to death with not a trace of wear (I;m talking restaurant floors,tossing it onto the floor of my car,etc).

    Is lambskin much more delicate than this? How does wear show on the lambskin?

    And,does the dark grey come in caviar? My store only has it in lambskin.

    I suppose I have enough large,rough bags...Muse,roxy,paddy,bay....I could use the grey lambskin for "best", but I like to be able to carry my bags anywhere!!
  2. I asked a similar question awhile ago and if you're going to give the bag any kind of abuse or if you want to carry it daily, the general concensus was that caviar was a better bet. Most seemed like the lambskin for looks, but caviar for durability. I don't know if that helps or not.
  3. ^ Yup! I think I was one of the posters! I have a black lambskin flap & I only use it for special occasions! Its such soft leather! But my cerf in caviar is a GREAT everyday bag!
  4. lambskin is not actually that delicate, there are post here somewhere on how to maintain it. I prefer lambskin for smaller bags like the e/w its more luxurious
  5. The lambskin is too delicate for me. I had one in a medium beige and the first time I used it it got a dark smudge (like a fingerprint) on it. There was no way to get it out, so I had to send it to Chanel and the only solution was to re-dye over it. This causes the bag to lose it's soft feel (the dye made it scratchy feeling).
    BTW, I was very careful carrying it, no setting it on the floor or anything like that. I now stay far away from the lamb, unless it's black.
  6. Quirky, u sound like me. I do everything to my bag except drop kick it like a football. I got a large black flap in caviar. I toss it everywhere. It looks gorgeous.
  7. Currently, Ive been using my vintage white lambskin flap. It is high maintenance but I loveee the look! I won't put it down anywhere and when I'm eating out, I'll bring an extra paper bag or something of that sort to place the chanel inside the bag so it won't touch the chair or whatever it is. Sometimes it gets extremely overwhelming but I find it very worth while =) I got many compliments on it! It does show wear but for whatever reason, mine looks pretty good (my bag is from the 90s) I'm sure the lighter lambskins like white show more wear than black lambskin.
  8. i'd definitely get the caviar if i were you, lambskin doesn't hold up well if you're not gentle with the bag! that's the reason why, despite my great love for the way lambskin looks and feels, i only have caviar or other hardy chanel leathers (because im quite rough/clumsy with my bags)
  9. Lambskin is sooooooooo beautiful but I would never purchase it. I would be heartbroken at the sight of it getting worn. Get the caviar. I've seen lambskin bags in boutiques that looked ready to be retired.
  10. I have a black lamsbkin and it isn't as high maintanance as everybody thinks. I use mine quite often but I'm careful with it as I don't put it down on any floors and it doesn't show any signs of wear.
    I prefer the lambskin as I don't like the look and feel of the caviar but if you're hard on your bags it might be better to buy the caviar.
  11. lambskin is nice..I do have medium classic flap...I tend to be more careful with lambskin than caviar.
    But the look is luxuriously beautiful in lambskin
  12. Hi Quirky! Long time no see! Lambskin is pretty delicate so will show wear much quicker than Caviar or Calf.
  13. Thank you for the replies everyone:smile: . So apart from the fingerprint-type marks,what does the damage on the lambskin bag look like? :confused1:

    I am so sold on that dark grey one...but I'll make up my mind when I get to the boutique on Friday :wlae: . Either the black caviar with new chain or that dark grey lambskin is mine!! It would be a pity to get another black bag though.

    So maybe it's just time for me to have a special bag to baby...

    Cal,I will pm you :smile: .
  14. I had a black lambskin medium flap that I used a ton and did not baby it. The back of the bag where it rests on your body showed signs of wear over time, and the luster of the leather dulled. I sent it out to be cleaned but it didn't bring back the bag to original. Basically I ruined it by using it so much! I for sure think lambskin is better for special occasions!