Does anyone own a Ramona or Riki in Camel?

  1. I saw a Camel Ramona in Saks this week. It was gorgeous! Seems like it is really close in color to Lat years Stone color.
  2. Do you mean the camel done in the traditional polished calf, or in the "biker" distressed leather?

    There's a pic of a camel Ramona in the polished calf on the front page of the website today, and it looks gorgeous! :yes:

    JC from Saks.jpg
  3. That is the one--isn't is beautiful!
  4. ^^^It is beautiful. And I like the matching open-toe pumps, too.

    I'm not really into white bags (because I'm a pale, pasty white girl!), but I think this camel bag is a great light-colored alternative for summer. Very pretty.

    Are you thinking about buying it?
  5. I am not sure yet. I still have a school girl crush on Mahala. I will have to go to Jimmy Choo and Saks and play with them both.
  6. Oh i love it!!
  7. It is a Beauty, but I never seem to buy light colored bags. I think maybe because I am going to get them dirty:shrugs:
  8. OMG the bag is gorgeous. I wanted to buy the Ramona but have been waiting to find it on sale....I love it but can't justify you ladies love your bag?
  9. I've seen the Camel and it really is TDF!
  10. Can I ask how much they are in the states? I was looking at one (I live in Ireland) earlier today and it was 1540 euro, so Im wondering if I should wait until I go to NY in July. Its absolutely gorgeous-Im in love:heart::heart:
  11. The bag retails for $1850US.
  12. Thanks SuLi! I am so in love with that bag! Might have to go visit it in the shop today:drool:
  13. I saw it in riki today and it was US$2200 in Singapore!!
  14. I love it in polished calf, it's just gorgeous.