Does anyone own a Kooba Chiara?

  1. Hi Ladies

    I know some of you out there own a Kooba Chiara, tell me what you think of it. do you know how long has it been out and do you think that it is a latest fad bag.

  2. The Chiara has been out several years now. I wouldn't say it is the latest fad. Hobo bags come in and out of style all the time. I wear what bag I like and don't care about Fads or styles. I can never keep up with IT bags and most IT bags I don't even care for. Get what you like and wear it proudly.
  3. Thanx Lexie, I just received my Kooba Chiara in black and I love it! It wears real nice, the leather is nice and squishy and it has a funky kinda style to it! I'm happy!!:yahoo:
  4. I adore the Chiara and hope to get a green one soon. Congrats on your new friend.
  5. can you post a picture of one? I am still very new to Kooba and would love to see the Kooba green!! Thanks!