Does anyone own a Kooba Avery?

  1. Hi all,
    How much does the Avery hold?
    Is it very heavy?
    I just purchased one on eBay and wanted to buy the Nicole initially until I saw the Avery and fell in love.
    I hope I made the right decision :confused1:
  2. I'd like to know this too. I'm looking at the Avery and trying to decide between Luggage and Rose. In general what do you think about these bags--is the leather really soft and squishy--if you are familiar with them how do they compare to Gussto?
  3. I'd like to know too!
  4. anyone? i love the Avery in Rose.
  5. Would love to know too, can you wear it on your shoulder? Handles look a bit short...and especially; is it heavy??
  6. Hi guys- I feel bad no one has responded yet. I do not own an Avery but I did see one. I loved the shape and the look. However (and I have posted about this before, I'm sure you can find it if you did a search)- the shoulder strap has a little extra piece of leather, the SA said it was to keep the strap on your shoulder.

    However, that little piece kept on scrunching up on me. I don't know if it was due to what I was wearing, but it bothered me and the SA told me to put the bag back, b/c it was going to drive me crazy.

    I don't recall it being very heavy or how much it would hold. Sorry! I hope an Avery owner will post.
  7. I have also wondered if an Avery would feel like a bottomless pit, it is very tall.
  8. There was a PINK Avery on eBay a few days ago and I did not purchase it. I LOVE the way it looks but as far as knowing how heavy it is, I wouldn't know. Looks like a neat o bag though
  9. I have the Avery in black, but am still deciding on whether to keep her or not. I loved the bag when I first saw it, but was not in love with it when it arrived. I've seen all the colors IRL, and definitely the luggage, rose and ivory just look better to me in this style. It's not a heavy bag at all. It will fit on your shoulder, but I have only tried it with shirts or sweaters, not with a jacket. It could be a tighter fit at the shoulder with a coat. I think if you have stuff in the bag, it wouldn't be an issue keeping it on your shoulder. It's not a bottomless pit. It's actually not that big, IMO. I do like a big bag, and that's part of the reason that I may not keep her. I was looking for a tote to carry a lot, definitely on the weekends, but she's not really built for that. But definitely go for one of the colors in this bag - they all just look and feel better than the black leather. The Avery leather is thick and soft, but not smooshy like the Gussto bags. Hope this information helps. I will try to post pics later.
  10. ^ I actually bought the kooba avery bag in black today at Nordstrom. I also saw the luggage color. I prefer the black color more though, it has that rock and roll vibe in the black one. I am not too into the luggage color and ivory is hard to keep it clean. I do like that rose color too but since I was looking for a black bag for work I decided to go for the kooba avery in black. The leather is very soft and nice.
  11. I agree. The leather on The bag is not anything like a Gustto but very nice anyway. It's soft but not squishy. It's smoother and more structured.
    I never considered it because of theheight. I have short arms that may never make it to the bottom of that bag! LOL
  12. I have seen an Avery in a soft beige-rose color. I don't exactly remember the true name of the color. It is medium to large in size and would fit snugly against your body. When I picked it up, I thought the weight of the bag was proportionate to the size. I like medium sized bags, but when I put that bag against me, I thought that I would love it and would consider buying it. It would have been the largest bag I own, but I can honestly say that it wouldn't look overwhelming. I'm 5'4" and 140 pounds. Does that help a little bit??
  13. I have the Avery in black and have been using it for a couple weeks now. It holds a lot, but one of my favorite features is the double zipper compartments on the front and the back of the purse, which allows me easy access to my cell phone, sunglasses, keys. In black, the leather is very nice, has a distinct texture and a slight sheen to it, which makes it different from most other black bags - sounds weird but is actually pretty in real life. It's not particularly heavy, and the straps are long enough for me to wear over my shoulders comfortably. I fell in love with the shape of this bag and I think it is classy and streamlined, stylish and timeless - not as "trendy" looking as a lot of others. Looks good with jeans as well as something more dressy. I first saw and loved it in the luggage color, but I needed a black bag and when I saw the black I thought it looked more elegant for some reason. I think this will become my new everyday bag.
  14. Thanks for your review.
    I just got the Avery in pink.
    Loving it!