Does Anyone Own A Fiore White Audra?

  1. Hi everyone! I come to you for opinions and feedback for which I am grateful....:yes: I am really really close to splurging and getting a Fiore Whipflash Audra bag in "white" at Off 5th here at the outlet mall. They've got it, out the door including tax, $197 - which is awesome for a $495 bag. I recently bought the brown version as well (I hate myself for selling the ORIGINAL KATIE about 2 months ago - dumb dumb I know - sold the black one as well) know, the one with the gold marbelling which I thought I'd hate - but it was between that and the Kooba Marcelle in "Desert". Being that I had the Marcelle in Toffee, that seemed to be silly. In any case, I thought I'd think white was nasty especially with the matching white studs, but it's kind of a cute bag, no? Does anyone own one? Has it held up? Did you ever return it? I've heard that some have a weird blue/grey hue but this seemed to be really right on white. Any thoughts???:shrugs:
  2. It's cute, especially at that price ;)
  3. i have the original brown "katie" audra and i use mine a lot. $197 is a great price for that bag. Just becareful when you're using it, that it doesn't get rubbed against your jeans or clothes dye.