Does anyone own a Cole Haan Kaylie bag?

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  1. I was looking at this one:
    OMG, the leather is so buttery, supple, soft, seriously tdf. Its just that I think I love the leather and color more than the bag itself, lol. :yes: They have other styles, but none are calling out to me. If you own one, just wondering how you like it. Its a pretty classic style that I know I can use for awhile...just wondering if the style of the bag will grow on me. I was also thinking about this one by HH:,1173.htm
    Just slightly worried about the delicacy of the leather on that one...
    What do you all think? I could use some expert advice! :yes:
  2. this one is on sale at the bloomingdales sale today
  3. I don't own a Kaylie, but have two other CH bags - they are fabulous! They hold up really well, go with everything, and the leather ages quite nicely. I like that the cell pocket has a strap to hold things in.

    They also tend to be on sale at many department stores, and I just saw a few last night a TJ Maxx for about $150. They were larger satchels and bucket totes. I would have picked up another, but wasn't sure about the color (olive). I'm still debating.
  4. I have nothing but good things to say about Cole Haan. I have a few bags, and I probably will get a few more by Cole Haan. You can't beat the leather, and the stitching is always very substantial. Very good company.
  5. I just bought a shoulder strap cole haan at nordies yesterday for 150.00 and the leather is to die for!!!!!