Does anyone own a Begeren Moorea Tote?

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  1. I'm wondering if you can really wear this bag on your shoulder. Can anybody post pics? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I own five Moorea totes - the Shamrock, Marine Blue, Citrus, Ballet Pink and Fuchsia is on it's way. It's an absolute wonderful bag - and NO - it doesn't fit over your shoulder at all. It's meant to be a handheld OR a forearm bag.....:p
  3. No, I have pretty thin arms/shoulders, and I can't carry it on the shoulders. Very cute as a handbag though.
  4. Thanks for the pic!! I bought one and it should be arriving monday!
  5. wow the citrus looks great!

    i have the shamrock and love it. i am pretty skinny so it could actually go on my shoulders, but not if it has a lot of stuff in it (since that'll weigh it down and make it more difficult to carry on the shoulder).

    you will love yours, i'm sure! ;)
  6. I have the Moorea tote in Marine and I absolutely adore it. It will NOT go over your shoulder but you'll love it anyway.

    jchiara, the shamrock looks gorgeous on you! I was so torn between the marine and the shamrock, and I'd be second-guessing myself right now if the marine wasn't so great :smile:

    The citris is amazing as well, and would definitely be my first choice if I wouldn't get it dirty and ruin the color in about a second. I'm not willing to risk light colored bags yet...
  7. I was incredibly weak - I ended up getting the Shamrock, Marine, Nude, Citrus and Ballet Pink...they were all on sale - I couldn't help myself. I really want the fuchsia color - but yes, we all know that price JUMPED up a bit, wouldn't you say???? I ended up listing a Kooba Lucy and a Fiore Audra on eBay just so I could recoup some of my spendings this month. I soooo want that fuchsia, it's hard to just not say "okay, just one more and I'm done. I promise." I really love the softness of this bag - and what I love more than anything in the whole world besides it's cool look is that not everyone is walking around with it! I love that you can't walk into Nordstroms and see a hundred of them sitting on the shelf. And Linda, the designer and owner, is such a nice person. She's incredibly helpful and of course, it helps that she's only an hour away from me so when I order something, it's here the next day!:graucho: Here is a color of the Citrus that's been so hard to find. What an amazing color that is! I swear - I don't look good in anything yellowish, but this is just golden gorgeous.....
  8. And here are the other colors...sigh....Marine, Shamrock, Nude and Ballet....
    BegerenBlue.jpg BegerenGreen.jpg BegerenNude.jpg mooreatote.jpg
  9. Thanks for all the pics!! I am soo excited to get mine on monday. I don't live as close as you do so it takes 7 days to get to NY. I really want the fuchsia as well if I like the Ballet on monday.
  10. It only took mine 4 days to get to D.C, if that helps :yes: