Does anyone knows if I can still find this chanel flats at the stores?

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  1. Calfskin classic ballet flats. If you have seen this please let me know which stores would still carry them. Thanks

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  2. i got a black one from chanel for 60% off, not sure if they still have them...they run extremely small. a whole size up
  3. I know Damian at Saks in Bala had some beige/black classic ballet flats. Not sure of the sizes available but I know he did not have mine (size 38.5). Good luck!
  4. thank you for the info. I'll be calling saks and see if they still have them.
  5. Forgot...what would be the style number for this flats? Thank you!
  6. I don't think you'd really need a style no. Just ask for the classic ballet flat with the bow on front. I ordered a pair of tan/black with CC logo on the back of the heel. They're a bit more casual.
  7. 60% off? I just called my saks store and they do have them but they are not in sale. Price is $560.
  8. On Sale!! Ummm, yeah, mine cost $595. They're the ones that aren't quite so structured. More like a driving shoe. Will get them next week.
  9. Fun:yahoo:Keep us post when you get them. And let me know how comfortable they are. If I get the time this weekend I'd visit the store to take a look and try them.