Does anyone know??

  1. I am looking for a name or style # of a particular wallet. It was tobacco color, had the buckle on the front, and was in the outlet in vegas a few weeks ago.. they no longer have it :tdown: Anyway, it matched with this purse.. anyone know what I am talking about?? TIA!! :yes:

  2. Similar to this? This is a Soho buckle flap multifunction. They came in several colors and I got this in an outlet recently.

  3. yes, it was that exact thing, but the leather was lighter.. darnit maybe I missed them.. I guess I will have to keep checking in the outlets or on eBay.. thanks for the info!!! :yes:
  4. Your definately looking for a soho tobacco wallet. They had more versions besides the french wallet. Keep checking eBay. I have the hobo with the mini skinny in that. Good luck!