Does anyone know which outlet has ergo tote? thanks

  1. hi, i love ergo, i have a black signature, and i want to find a leather one, chocolate or turquois, does anyone know which outlet have them? I call cabazon outlet, they have signature in chocolate for $192, great price!!!1:heart:thanks
  2. no one seems to have turquoise anymore, but lots of them have chocolate, camel and black. i would call all the ones where you live and ask.
  3. I haven't seen turquoise in months.. but I know the vegas outlets had them in leather last week. :yes: If you go to and put in coach you can see all of the coach outlets nearest you. :yes:
  4. I'm looking for one as well...not sure what color to get though....I have sooooooo many brown bags, I am thinking camel or black!!!!! Only have one each of those colors!!!!
  5. The Tuscola IL one had the camel ones tonight. About 5 of them. Hope this helps :smile:
  6. THANKS!!!! I am hopefully getting out to my local outlet, but if they dont have any, I may HAVE TO do a charge/send!!!!! :yes:
  7. Mommyville, if you wind up getting the tote in camel I'd be interested in seeing it. I was going back and forth between getting black or camel, but in the end black won out. Im not sure if the camel is too light a beige for my liking but it would probably have made a better springtime bag.
  8. I am HOPEFULLY going tomorrow for a quick run out there....if I find one, I will definitely show you!!!! I am looking for a spring/summer bag, so this color MAY fit the bill!!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!:tup:
  9. I just bought one at Orlando Prime Outlets! I got the chocolate signature, they also had black leather...may have had more, but I was so lasered in on mine that I didn't look too much :smile: They're on sale, $239 plus 20% off. Good luck finding the color you want!