Does anyone know where I can find Knee High Converse??

  1. I really want a pair.....anyone...?!?!
  2. maybe on
  3. I've never seen such a you have pictures?
  4. Passerby: no I dont live in the states:sad: your such a sweet heart for doing searches for me but the ones I want are kind of hard to find.....I know converse came out with a version called "nee Highs/knee high" but I want ones that almost go up to jsut below the knees...i can't seem to find it:cry:
  5. that sounds like a really interesting style. i'd really like to see those.
  6. D'you have a specific color in mind? They're a bunch on in kneehigh in a couple different patterns.
  7. perferbaly black
  8. Does Any One Know Where To Find Them If You dont live in The U.S as only send to the U.S :crybaby:
  9. I know what you're talking about. I went to Italy 2 yrs ago and they were in many stores. But I've never seen them here in the US. Sorry!
  10. missv, where are you? Makes it easier to help if we know where you are :smile:
  11. I haven't seen knee high, but i have seen ones midcalf. I don't know if those are the ones you are talking about. As far as the UK, can't help you.

    I found this site. I don't know if it might help to search it. The knee High ones are called Converse XHI now. Also look under Knee High Chuck Taylors. HTH
  12. Converse XX-hi - black.jpg Converse XX-hi - black back view.jpg
  13. No, my friend said she saw them on the internet, but i dont know if you can really get them, coz it was for a Marylin Manson concert and they can get things specialy made, all i know is i have been searching for knee high (boot style) converse shoes ever since!!!!:crybaby: