Does anyone know where I can find a red bag?

  1. I will be going to the South Coast Plaza store tomorrow to see if they still have any red braided small bags left. I am looking for a deep red shoulder bag. Has anyone seen one??? Thanks:heart:
  2. Did you find anything? I can't recall any BV's in deep red in the last few years. It sounds like you know a specific style that comes in this color.
  3. I went to the store yesterday and they had a gorgeous lavender for the cruise collection. The flap bag. I loved it but I still want red. They had red over Christmas 2006. The SA said red would be back in the fall 2007. You can see all the bags in the new catalog or online with all the spring/summer colors. I love the small flap in lamb--it doesn't seem to have a name.:heart: Its the one in your photo!
  4. ^^^ we'll be looking for red in several months then. I love this flap bag, too. Mine isn't large, but it's not the smaller size--that one was too small on me. How did you resist the lavender bag??!! Not very pracical I guess, but so beautiful!
  5. My SA also told me red would return in Autumn/Winter 2007. :yes:
  6. BV did a bright red, no??