Does anyone know when is the shipment for Damier Azur Noe?

  1. I want to know when is the date will be arrive in store? Can anyone help?:confused1:
  2. not really but I say GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!! be patient
    it is
  3. I've been be patient to waiting for it since the damier azur collection has came out. I really want to know when, becuz' I will be going to travel two weeks later, want to have it b4 I go.
  4. Will they be making azur in petit noe? I would prefer that :yes:
  5. It should be coming in mid January 17, 2007
  6. are you confirm that will be arrive in mid January 17? Because I will be going to hong kong on January 21. If the bag really in stock b4 that, I will definitly happy for it!Thanks for your info.
  7. I thought they all where released at the same time it's a hot bag my store isn't getting any in but I can always order online.

    have you asked you're store about shipments??
  8. I didn't get the information from my SA. Another SA said it would be in Jan 17, 2007. I'm going to call my SA tomorrow when she is in and ask for a firm confirmation. This wait is killing me.
  9. Waiting to hear from your good news tmr.....:smile:
  10. I called the store at soho today, they said the Damier Azur will be arrive in between on January 15, 2007.....:yahoo: