Does anyone know what this vintage bag is called?

  1. I was helping my mom clean out her attic and I discovered a discarded Louis Vuitton bag! She said I could have it--it's in really good shape because she practically never used it (it was a gift, and she's a very hippie-ish creative writer and doesn't care much for designer items.)

    I don't have my camera on me at the moment, but I found a pic here.

    According to my mom, it was purchased in 1980 or 1981.

    Anyone know what it's called?

    (I can post specific pics of my bag when I get home tonight.)
  2. hmmm...I don't think I've ever seen this before, but enjoy it =)
  3. looks like a big danube.
    this a danube right here.

    maybe a trocadero?
  4. after looking up monogram trocadero on google it gave me this.


    which could be just a newer version of the bag you found.
  5. its def not the trocadero.. it kinda looks like a different version of the danube =]

    see how wide the trocadero is

    Picture222 002.jpg
    ( my moms very well loved trocadero from 97)