Does anyone know what the monogram mat stockton retailed at before d/c??

  1. thanks!
  2. I know it was at least $1000, maybe as much as $1200-$1300? I bought one recently, but from ebay, and I did look up the price as elux happened to still have one then, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Sorry!
  3. You can always call 866-Vuitton to inquire... I've called in the past about the Mizi, Klara and Mono Mat lines.. :nuts:
  4. Hi! As of 6/13/06, it was $1,360.00.:rolleyes:
  5. How, I definitely scored with my ebay purchase! I only paid $600, and it looks brand new. I carried it yesterday and it is so elegant-looking. LOVE the mat black! :smile: