does anyone know the retail of the damier speedy

  1. I tried to look it up at but nothing comes up , does anyone know when it comes out and how much?
  2. June 1st and it's the same price as mono. :biggrin:
  3. thanks!
  4. my sa told me it was going to be $705.
  5. everybody is getting different info on the prices...seems like they want to keep us in suspense or something...i called last week and they said the same as the mono: 25=$565 | 30=$585, but who knows...
  6. I was told that it's the same price as Mono from a boutique that already has them in stock and ready to be sold on June 1st.
  7. This has been greatly discussed on other threads. It will be the same price as the Mono. You can call the LV 800 number to confirm.