Does anyone know the original price for a dark red Reissue???

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  1. I am really loving this Chanel. :heart: Does anyone know what the original price was? There is one for $3700 out there. I am assuming the price is inflated...alot! Any help is appreciated.:smile: TIA
  2. $3095 for Jumbo (227) and $2795 for 226 (11X7) when I was in the boutique two weeks agp.
  3. Thanks so much venusfly :smile: I may have to give NY a call.:sneaky:
  4. Don't pay that much for one! Neiman's in Newport has them as well as Bloomingdales in South Coast Plaza.
  5. Thanks J.:smile: Thanks to you & the rest of the lovely ladies I won't lose a ton of $$$$.:nogood: Thanks again.
  6. You're welcome! The chanel ladies are always so helpful and we don't want a fellow pfer to pay hundreds over retail if the bag is still available in the stores. :heart:
  7. Sorry this may be a dumb question, but why is it cheaper at neimans or Bloomingdales? The place where I live does not have a NM or BL but we have a Saks and they have them at the same prices quoted above. Thanks:smile:
  8. Hi sona. I was always told they are the same price wherever you buy them. If indeed they are priced different,maybe I should shop there.:hrmm: I will have to look into this.
  9. I think CLK55 meant cheaper than the $3700 online as they still have them in the stores. Is that right CLK55? The prices should be the same at Saks, Bloomies, and NM. Good luck!
  10. Good luck PurseCrazy. I'm trying to find a size 226 but not having much luck. I see tons of Jumbo's though, at Saks, BG, Bloomingdale's and the Soho and Fifth Ave/57h St. Boutique. I didn't really fancy the bags when i saw pics but it's grown on me and now I can't find the 226 just the 227. Argggghhh!
  11. What season is the dark red reissue from? Are we talking matte or metallic here?