Does anyone know the name...

  1. Hi,

    Just got back from NM. Went looking for a Dk. Brown bag and fell in love with a Dk. Beige
    bag. I'll try and describe.. Small Tote, Clasp closure on middle section, side sections zipper, double CC's on front and quilting on the ends. Handles are Dk silver chunky chain with leather on the top, black quilted fabric inside. Anyone know, it is TDF IRL. It is a gorgeous Camel pebbled leather, and so unbelievably soft. :love: It also comes in Black. Searched reference, can't find any photos. NM just got it in yesterday.

    Thanks so much!!!!
  2. Sounds like "Perfect Day". Do a search on perfect day....
  3. Thank you, it is the Perfect Day bag! It is so pretty IRL. I didn't know it came in Dk. Brown, which is actually the color I was looking for. But the Dk. Beige is very pretty and shows the pebbling of the leather.

    Thanks again!!