Does anyone know the name of this bag?

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  1. Or what it is be made of, and maybe the season? It was a Christmas gift, and I love it, but I cannot find any info. on it on-line. On the tag and receipt it is simply listed as Large Tote Bag w/ the style number. I love the simplicity of this style and now want one in every size they make :smile: I could call the store in Soho where it was purchased, but according to the purchaser they were not the most knowledgeable associates, so I would rather see if anyone here could help first. Thanks!
    IMG_0938.JPG IMG_0940.JPG IMG_0945.JPG
  2. can you post the style#? That can really help!

    I vaguely remember that awesome lining from more than a year ago . . . .
  3. I'm no help but that's a gorgeous purse!!
  4. thanks! It is style number A32937YO4167.