does anyone know the name of these shoes?

  1. Not for sure but there was some jewelry pieces out at the same time called "pop." There were skirts and a handbag that had the script that is on the shoe you show. I regret not getting the shoes and purse. I actually had the purse and returned it. I was sick at the time and wasn't myself. Talk about remorse.

    I had heard the shoes ran small and you should go up a half size but that's hearsay from the SA -- and if you are looking at them for yourself.
  2. oh thanks for the tip! i called the 800 number and a few stores and so far no luck. sigh.
  3. I know; they are long gone.
  4. Those are so cuuuuute!!:drool:
  5. Ahhh!! So cute!! I would def snatch those up! But price is kinda highside.. then again, I've never bought anything on eBay... still scared!