Does anyone know the east-west prices & sizes?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know the different sizes and prices in US$ of the East-West?

    Also, which colors are available in the permanent collection and which are seasonal?

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Anja :heart:
  2. I think the east/west only comes in one size. I just bought one today, and the retail is $1050... of course, after Feb. 1st, the prices will go up!

    I'm not sure which colors are permanent, but my store had violet, black, brown, gray and blue.
  3. Do you know how significant the price increase will be?
  4. The caviar is $1050, with increase it is projected to go up to $1350.

    The lambskin is currently $1125, projected to go up to $1450.

    Quite a hike!
  5. ^^^
    Yes, I was just coming back to confirm $1350 as the new price but Luccibag beat me to it! Better get one now. ;)
  6. Thanks! Wow, that is really quite a difference.