Does anyone know the difference between Antique Gold and Mottled Gold?

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  1. I asked Jackie about it, but she never got back to me. Does anyone else on here know? (Antique gold is a new gold for fall - only available on the TME, Hold ME, and Clutch Me)
  2. Antique gold looks like a flatter, even color to me. While the mottled is just that- mottled with different gradients of gold with some splotches here and there darker then others.
  3. I'm guess and say that antique gold is probably a little softer too.
  4. I think so too. It looks more pebbled.
  5. This is a great question and I'd like to know too. I agree with the ladies above...the Mottled Gold has spotches of a darker brownish gold, and the Antique Gold seems to be a more satiny gold. Either way, I adore them.
  6. They'd both look great with a beautiful Hawaiian tan! :yes: