Does anyone know the brand Be & D?

  1. I've noticed this brand for a while: both Saks and Neiman Marcus carry it. But never heard anyone here talking about it. Just curious.:wlae::wlae:
  2. I have seen posts about their bags. Did you do a search? I don't know the name of the bag but it's a hobo and it's fab!
  3. The hobo is the Crawford Hobo and it's stunning! Really soft deerskin. I almost bought one last year but decided I didn't need another hobo. They are gorgeous, though.
  4. I just purchased the Crawford Hobo in moss during their sample sale and received it only last week. Tomorrow, I will try to take photos of it to post before I leave for SFO. To say it is gorgeous is an understatement!! Totally awesome...incredibly soft deerskin...perfect size... strap is wide and therefore stays on my shoulder perfectly!! I believe it to be one of my best purchases, although I don't think that I would have ever paid full retail for it! For that matter, I wouldn't pay full retail for any bag!! LOL! Last year I had the Ava, but sold it after it sat in my closet for over a year. I never carried it as I found it to be much to small ( purchased it online w/o having seen it IRL!!
  5. bagachondriac -
    so happy to hear that you're delighted with the Crawford...I've been wondering how you like the Moss color.

    miamia -
    I purchased two Be&D bags through their sample sale a couple of weeks ago and if you check my postings, there are photos for the red Ingrid and floral flocking Garbo satchel along with descriptions. The quality of the bag is top notch (leather, zippers, hardware, workmanship) and I'm just thrilled to have them, esp. since they were so inexpensive (both were samples, but in near perfect condition). Similar to what bagachondric mentioned, I too do not pay full retail for ANY bag, but I can see why they are priced the way they are. My suggestion, take advantage of the sales that you see for them. If you have specific questions, please ask - I'll be delighted to help!:yes:
  6. I have the Crawford but its not deerskin, its the woven one. I got it at Saks on sale and I absoloutley love it! It fits me perfectly and i love the way it looks
  7. I just found one on sale at Nordstrom. I don't know the style name but it looks like a duffle bag. The leather and hardware are top notch. It is lined in suede. I think the quality is great... I debating whether to keep it since it doesn't go with much in my closet but it isn't because of the bag. Even at full price, it provides a lot that many other bags in that price range don't like the lining.
  8. Thanks dcblam:yes:

    I actually just purchased this satchel with almost half price. I would say the leather and the craft are absolutely GREAT. But it is my first purchase of this brand, dont know how durable it is though. Let's see:wlae::wlae:
  9. Here is the picture:graucho:

  10. Ooooh, yummy!
  11. miamia -
    Yeah! You got the Mena! I was eyeing that thing for ages and almost bought it cuz I think it's so great looking. Did you get it in this color? Pleeze post pics if you can, esp. with you carrying the purse. So, tell me the outside pocket convenient (magnetic closure?), I'm assuming that you can wear it comfortably on the shoulder? What's the leather like? I think it's like the leather on the Ingrid - not smooth with lots of character?
    What does the side and back of the purse look like? I swear, NM and BG do a lousy job at posting pics.
    Details, details, vicariously through your recent purchase....:yahoo: Thrilled for you!
  12. ;)

    Yes I got the exact colour in the photo. Really LOVE the leather the way it feels--very soft and rich and also how it smells. A medium size satchel which is comfortable enough for daily use. This bag is not a heavy one and I extremely like the details that it is lined in suede inside. And yes the outside bag is magnetic closure as you said. I'm really happy that I did this purchase.:rolleyes:
    I'll see if I could take some pics tomorrow. ;)
  13. I have the Garbo in woven leather and I just love it! Nice leather and good workmanship!