Does anyone know the BalNY city stock, please!?

  1. I am looking for the Balny stock for reg hardware cities??? Anyone?:confused1:
  2. OOOOhhh.. I have no idea. I am so excited that you are thinking of converting and trying RH. I am so envious of your amazing GH city bags. What colors are you interested in? I personally like to buy from NM simply bc they have a great return policy. Yes, I still buy from them even though I had that really icky situation, but it was resolved. Call J.J. @ the Palm Springs store. He can find absolutely anything for you and have it shipped for free. He has a very thick (I believe french) accent, but lovely to deal with.
  3. He's at the Palm Beach store. And he's great to work with.:yes:
  4. As much as I've not liked blue bags, I have converted. I want an aquamarine city. I also love the anthracite city, so that is on my list too.:heart:
  5. Vermillion, marine, grass, seagreen, cafe, natural, french blue, olive brown, grenat, sapin, truffle, black, origan, pale pink, white, emerald, caramel, rouille, periwinkle

    *they might have already sold out of some of the SS 07 colors
  6. no sandstone cities?
  7. Nevermind just read the last thread.
  8. Thanks a bunch!