Does anyone know?...Mini pleaty & e-lux

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  1. If e-lux ever sold the mini pleaty in fuschia? I know they have the denim one on there now but was just wondering if they ever had the fuschia one?
  2. I think they did
  3. Yep they did, came in both the pink and green.
  4. yeah, they did. but that color is discontinued
  5. OMG is it really? When was it discontinued?
  6. They did... :crybaby: but they have been sold out for a while
  7. Oh that's sad I didn't even know...:crybaby:
  8. About the end of last year I believe. The fuchsia and the green are really hard to get ahold of from what I've heard. You can try calling 866 vuitton and maybe they can find one for you.
  9. elux did carry it, you may want to try the 866 number as theya re hard to come by now
  10. Elux did and it was very popular. Now it's sold out. Good luck on your search.